Silver Shield, Gel

Silver Shield Gel contains 24 parts per million pure silver and promotes natural hydration for skin health.

3oz gel tube.


  • Uses fine particle-size colloids for maximum bioavailability.
  • Is non-toxic; poses no risk of heavy metal contamination.
  • Provides 90 mcg silver per serving.
  • Acts as a skin moisturizer.

How It Works:

Silver Shield Gel is a clear gel product that has been shown to be an effective cleaning agent, promotes natural hydration and moisturizes the skin. This product is manufactured with a patented process using Aqua Sol Technology. Silver Shield Gel is made with food grade ingredients, contains no alcohol, and is safe for children.


Silver Shield solution [purified water, silver (24 ppm)]

Recommended Use:

Apply a small amount of gel to skin as needed.